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WAS: 215 LBS/ NOW: 193 LBS

As a business owner, road warrior, former athlete and father of two, Haas focused on his family and life (as he should), but as a result his fitness could no longer be a priority. Here is his full story of his fitness journey... 


As I got into my 40s, I realized that I had to be more careful with my diet and exercise plan. I'm an ex college athlete who has been working out for years, but my diet has been erratic and bad eating habits don't completely offset regular workout routines. In fact, in my case, I was working out 4x a week, but my food choices (ice cream, pizza, rice, candy, portion control) negated everything. I ballooned to 230+. I managed to get down to 215 at the beginning of 2018, and my New Year’s resolution was to get to 199, something I hadn't seen since 1998. However, no matter what I did, I couldn't get below 212 all year.
Frustrated, I tried looking for a solution. Change in diet, change in exercise, change in whatever. I found John Le through Instagram, becoming a follower of Chicago School of Grappling as I mistakenly thought it was the page of a friend of a friend. In one of the posts, John chronicled the results of a JitFitter and I inquired whether he offered same program online for distant "students". After a 20 minute conversation, I signed up.

Here's how it goes:

Daily: you log what you eat into Lose It: every meal, snack, drink. You text back and forth with John throughout the day updating when you completed 32 oz of water (a nalgene) should be imbibing 4 nalgenes a day (gallon).

2-3x a week: you do a series of workouts that get progressively tougher each time , mostly body weight workouts, but also incorporates speed ladders, exercise resistance bands, yoga ball etc. No two workouts are alike and you are practically guaranteed to never repeat a workout. 25 minutes plus a stretch at the end.

So, the workouts can be grueling. I thought I was in pretty good shape but wow, I had sweat pouring like buckets off me. Felt amazing after, but during some of the workouts, I cursed John out a few times.

Diet is analyzed daily/weekly/ongoing basis. We discovered that rice was main culprit in my daily meals, so once we restricted the amount I ate, we saw the weight just drop. I lost 16 pounds in a matter of a little over 2 months – amazing!
A quote comes to mind: “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.”  (Thomas S. Monson). This is the basis of the program. You measure your food intake, your workouts, your weight and report daily to John. In turn, John provides motivation, direction, friendship, encouragement, and support; without him, this is a program that you can certainly do on your own, but the chances that you stick to this program, or any other, are slim. John truly knows how to get the best out of you – this program works because of not just the never-boring playlists of exercises, daily logging of diet, but mainly due to John. He is the true glue and rock of the program! Thank you so much for being by my side as I worked my way into unchartered weight territory in 20 years! Armed with what I’ve learned, I am confident I will maintain at my desired weight. The downside of this program is that you will have to spend money on better fitting clothes.


WAS: 248 LBS/ NOW: 218 LBS

Jake is a former wrestler and took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Wanting to hit his true weight class, he needed some help and reached out for some help. Here is what happened...


When I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I weighed around 265. About a year and a half later I was consistently hovering around 250.

I had competed twice in the Ultra Heavy weight class which is 225+ (no upper limit) and I realized that if I wanted to be competitive I needed to get down into the Super Heavy weight class. So I would need to weigh around 220 to make 225 in the gi.

At the beginning of July I decided to sign up for a tournament on Oct 20th at the Super Heavy weight class. I knew it would be possible to make the weight, but in the past I’ve struggled with hitting and maintaining weight goals. So in the back of my mind I thought that I would fail. I spoke to John about my goal, he thought about it for a bit and said “I can help you with that!”. From that point on I worked with John. He helped me get in the habit of tracking my meals and calories. He would also give me suggestions on the timing of my meals as well as helping me to identify some of my bad habits. Along the way he kept me accountable with weigh ins twice a week and checking up on my diet. He also shared his own weight and meals. It was nice knowing that he was there along with me throughout the process. It helped me avoid cheating on my diet...or when I did slip up it helped keep me from going overboard and also helped me jump right back on the program the next day.

John gave me incremental goals throughout the process and updated them based on how I was doing.

In addition to giving me diet and nutrition advice, John also provided exercise advice. I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the JitFit classes due to my schedule. So, John sent me some videos of workouts I could do at home on my own. 

Ultimately I was able to get down to 218 a day before the tournament, so I was right on weight. A month later, after thanksgiving, I’m still on weight. Working with John helped me create good nutrition habits. I don’t envision it will be a problem keeping the weight off. This is partly due to the creation of habits that I mentioned. But it is also due to the fact that I’m looking really good in the mirror. Probably the best I have ever looked. I’m wearing 36” waist jeans (what I wore in high school). I’ve had to buy new clothes because my old ones are too baggy.

Overall, I think Johns JitFit program is exceptional. It doesn’t rely on following a crazy diet that isn’t sustainable. It fosters an understanding of how your body works, how it uses fuel, and how to keep that in balance. I highly recommend this program for anyone; whether you’re just looking to lose weight, or if you’re an athlete looking to improve your health and conditioning.


WAS: 292 LBS/ NOW: 218 LBS

Originally denied going on rides at Six Flags because he was too big, Alejandro was determined to lose weight, but needed a little bit of guidance and direction. He started JitFit and 6 months later, he was at Six Flags going on every ride with ease. Watch his story.


WAS: 252 LBS/ NOW: 180 LBS

When Mac first started, he would beat himself up about his body. We identified his culprit was overeating and portion control. So we worked on it and set weekly little goals for him to him. Ultimately, he was able to hit his goal of 210 lbs and is now on his way towards 190 lbs. What's best, is now he has changed his relationship with food and knows what to do on his town to hit the goal he wants.


WAS: 271 LBS/ NOW: 190 LBS

The last time Armando was below 200 lbs, he was in 6th grade! With his hard work, dedication and drive, he was able to cut out the unhealthy foods in his Mexican diet as well as really push himself physically.

Now, he is even helping his parents and friends lose the fat.

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